Smarter together. SIRF Roundtables is Australasia’s premier business improvement network with 250+ member companies.

SIRF Roundtables

SIRF Rt provides a secure and structured environment for members to meet, learn together and be empowered by the success of others. We seek out and share leading edge business practices and facilitate sharing between members. Our first priority is ensuring that you have an engaging and transformative experience. To ensure this, our membership is restricted (no consultants or vendors), and our facilitators have extensive real world industry experience.

Common issues, shared learnings and strategy development have been very helpful in accelerating my knowledge.
— Kathleen Boys, CIO, Quenos Australia

Facts and figures

Our members

Our members come from a wide range of industries and occupations: mining, ore processing, energy production, manufacturing, food industry, ‘hard hats’, ‘soft hats’, health industries, national defences, government, financial industries, communications, offices, science, education, ...

SIrf Roundtables – Our members

Benefits of membership

COMMUNITY — Network with members from Australasia’s premier organisations — leadership dinners, site visits, common interest workgroups, workshops and facilitated talks on hot topics. Involvement in the Australasian Maintenance Excellence Awards — an impartial review of your maintenance practices and the opportunity to set new industry benchmarks. Find answers to your problems from those who have been there before — you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

INSPIRATION — Belong to a trusted circle that supports and inspires you and your team — get connected to succeed on your journey of excellence. Develop insights into the potential of new and improved systems, safety, tools and culture.

TOOLS — Access to our extensive online database of industry best-practice case studies, presentations, articles and reports. Significantly discounted member rates for training programs (LEAN Rt, RCA Rt), National Forums, International Specialist Workshops and software (RCA2GO). Access to members-only problem solving tools and knowledge suited for all levels of your organisation. Exclusive International Study Tours.

SIRF Rt membership benefits

ENGAGEMENTDiverse roundtable themes: Operational Excellence (OERt), Industrial Maintenance (IMRt) and Knowledge Management (KMRt) — offer focused activities for all your teams in areas of their expertise. Everyone in your team benefits — roundtables foster growth and development from the top down and bottom up.

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