The Australasian Maintenance Excellence Awards [AMEA] is awarded annually in recognition of excellence in maintenance. It encourages and rewards progress, and serves as a reminder that the path to excellence is an ongoing journey.

Objectives of the Award | Evaluation Criteria | Standards of accomplishment

Objectives of the Award

The objectives of the AMEA are to:

The maintenance team identified the AMEA awards as worthwhile criteria to aspire to, given it is independently audited and draws on the experience of a broad range of industrial sites. ... We can always learn something from other industries —
it’s all about getting that wider perspective.
— Simon Mackenzie, CEO Vector, after receiving first AMEA award ever given to a New Zealand based company
AMEA winners

Evaluation Criteria

The AMEA consider following criteria

Companies and organisations use these criteria to evaluate their management of maintenance and reliability, and better understand its contribution to the business.

The Australasian Maintenance Excellence Awards is a high quality process. It acknowledges maintenance excellence and stands for continuous improvement in maintenance and reliability. It encourages people, best practices and the positive business impacts of maintenance excellence.

Standards of accomplishment

The Awards are set against a standard of accomplishment:
1. Premier
2. Finalist
3. Achiever

Companies and organisations who wish to enter the AMEA process submit their application. They then create their submission which, after an initial review, is evaluated by a panel of peers. If the submission is of suitable quality the a site evaluation follows.

Sites that are evaluated are then rated. Based on scores, sites may reach Achiever, Finalist or Premier level. In any given year there may be no participants rated at Premier level (or other level), or there may be more than one — it all depends on the quality of submissions and the enthusiasm of participants.

AMEA Timeline

AMEA timeline

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