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Self directed learning

The AMEA booklets are designed to be a resource not only for those participating in the AMEA process but also for those who wish to learn about Best Practice concepts in industrial maintenance.

The self-assessment and resource booklets in particular are designed to encourage thinking broadly across all of the seven Best Practice categories.

Organisations are welcome and encouraged to use the material to write an assessment of their "current state". Inevitably this type of self-review will stimulate ideas about improvement whether or not the organisation wishes to make a formal application to the Awards process. It should be noted that a primary objective of the AMEA is to stimulate people and organisations along the path to excellence.

Evaluators and participants

The same one day training course is provided to both evaluators and participants.

Organisations intending to submit are advised to attend a course as it will help them create their submission in a way that will match with the evaluation process and the topics that will be the focus for the evaluation team. They will find that the job of creating a submission is easier, quicker and more effective if they have a strong understanding of the process.

Participants in the one day training course who demonstrate competence in evaluation will be accredited as AMEA evaluators and will be eligible for selection as evaluation team members.

This course is designed in particular for people who are familiar with maintenance and reliability concepts and:

Personal development

Participation by making a submission or by serving as an assessor invariably increases confidence and competence in managing industrial maintenance.

Your success through participation will create interest in your choices and processes. This will create discussion with other reliability professionals which will further develop knowledge and strengthen your approach.

AMEA Timeline

AMEA timeline

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