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Awards committee

The Awards Committee provides leadership and oversight to the AMEA in order to guide it towards its objectives.

Committee members are independent of the secretariat and the assessment panel. They are able to monitor any aspect of the submission, review and assessment process to ensure that all are treated fairly and properly.

The oversight role and their broad industry experience provide the committee with the opportunity to guide further development of the Awards.

The Awards Committee are nominated in recognition of their demonstrated commitment to excellence in maintenance and reliability through their professional careers.

Evaluation team

Applications that progress past the initial review are taken up by an evaluation team of three to four people. The team is made up of:

A one day training course is provided in most Australian states and in New Zealand annually to train evaluators and people creating submissions. Participants in the course learn about approaches to evaluation and practice evaluation of model submissions and are accredited after demonstrating competence. Accredited evaluators become members of the evaluation panel.

Contact your local SIRF Rt representative to learn more or book on line.


SIRF Roundtables is the AMEA secretariat. The secretariat is responsible for:

AMEA Timeline

AMEA timeline

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