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Types of documents

Files available from this page provide information about:

The AMEA resources booklet is intended to be a resource that describes practices seen at sites that deliver positive outcomes. Normally it would not be practical or possible to engage in everything described in the booklet but Best Practice organisations would select the particular tools that are right for their situation.

→ Download AMEA Criteria and Applications Guideline [850 KB PDF]

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is critical in all endeavours. AMEA documentation is improved from year to year. The most important source for improvement is from members and from the feedback of participants. So we encourage your comments and ask that you send them to bill.holmes@sirfrt.com.au

At the same time organisations submitting for an award must have a clearly defined and fixed targets.

Note to applicants

Organisations involved in preparation of a submission can expect that improvements in the documentation tend to be relatively minor and tend to be enhancements rather than a change in direction. So the prepartion of a submission based on the documentation currently available on the web is likely to require only minor changes to conform to documents published on the 1st of September.

Each of the Maintenance and Manufacturing Roundtables convene working groups to work on improving the AMEA documentation. They keep the outcomes of their discussions on the Resources Supplement web site. Changes to the AMEA documentation are forcast at this site.

AMEA Timeline

AMEA timeline

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