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Answers from industry practitioners

Ask Rt connects you to the best industry knowledge by taking the experience of asking and sharing answers to a whole new level.

Many SIRF Rt members work in specialised industries with unique challenges. Often the solutions to problems are not always easy to find, and reinventing the wheel is slow, expensive and time consuming.

Using Ask Rt gives you access to the wealth of knowledge found within the SIRF Roundtable membership base and nowhere else.

A key benefit of membership is the ability to pose any question to a huge panel of industry experts with no agenda other than sharing and helping colleagues.

How Ask Rt works?

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STEP 1. A member contacts their roundtable (Rt) facilitator (typically via email or online form) and tells them about their problem, question, or topic of interest that they would like posed as an Ask Rt query.

STEP 2. The roundtable facilitator sends the query out to the relevant Ask Rt panel (editing for clarity if necessary). They may also send the query to individuals who are not part of the regular panel (including non-members) if the facilitator believes they may have knowledge in the area. The query is also posted on the bulletin board.

STEP 3. The members who have volunteered to be on the Ask Rt panel then receive an email with the query, and two options for how to reply:

Responf publicly via Ask Rt

The response will be forwarded to:

  • The person who asked the question
  • A SIRF Roundtables facilitator
  • The Ask Rt bulletin board

respond privately by Ask Rt

The response will be forwarded to:

  • The person who asked the question
  • A SIRF Roundtables facilitator
  • But not the Ask Rt bulletin board

If you receive a query email with a question that you either know the answer to, or have information to share, then please reply and share your knowledge! Replies are anonymous unless you wish to include your contact information.

*You are under no obligation to reply to any queries sent to you, and are welcome to opt out of the panel at any time by changing your Ask Rt panel settings.

Smarter together

You can join as many panels as you like. We recommend only joining panels that are of interest to you because you will receive all query emails pertaining to each panel. If you find that you are getting query emails on topics that you are not interested in you can adjust your Ask Rt panel settings.

Ask Rt is open to all SIRF Roundtables members, so opt in today and join the conversation. Learn more

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