OERT CIWG - Autonomation; The interaction of Operators and machine

OERT CIWG - Autonomation; The interaction of Operators and machine

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Autonomation; The interaction of operators and machine
Proudly hosted by Arnotts
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Autonomation is automation with a human touch; but what does that really mean and where has it come from?
Sakichi Toyoda invented a loom in 1896 that not only operated automatically but also stopped when any of the threads broke, this simple idea revolutionized the industry as instead of there being a requirement for an operator having to sit beside each and every machine waiting and searching for a problem, one operator could now watch several machines and just take action when a problem occurred thus increasing productivity and quality.

Autonomation is the strategy that Toyota uses for its machines, They invest in small machines that do specific tasks that humans would find difficult or repetitive and use autonomation principles to ensure that the operator only has to interrupt the cycle if something goes wrong. This increase productivity and reduces costs considerably as now an operator can monitor several machines on an exception basis and only has to take action if something goes wrong.

Autonomation is part of Jidoka,  jidoka being a simple set of rules that were inspired by Toyoda’s first loom;
 - Discover an abnormality
 - Fix the immediate problem
 - Investigate and correct root cause

What level of interaction do your operators have with process machines? What problem solving steps are undertaken and where do the boundaries lay regarding adjustments to machines and process? What is your culture with respect to operators stopping the line if issues are discovered? What escalation process do you have in place?

This event is ideal for:
Suitable for Engineers, Operators Production Managers and CI professionals.
When: 30 March 2017
Host: Arnott's
Location: 61 Huntingwood Drive, Huntingwood
Time: 8:00am for an 8:30am start, concluding at 1:30pm
RSVP: 20 March 2017
Investment: This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership
PPE: Long pants and closed in shoes
Parking: Onsite parking available
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Samantha Jeffrey 0438 058 823
Gary Silversides 0479 164 169

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