Lean Drinks Adelaide - Free Networking Meeting - The Hilton Hotel, Hilton

Lean Drinks Adelaide - Free Networking Meeting - The Hilton Hotel, Hilton

SIRFrt is Proud to Sponsor:
Lean Drinks Adelaide
The Hilton Hotel, Hilton SA

Lean DrinksLean Drinks Adelaide events provide a safe environment for open discussion with peers working on, in and around Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, or any other improvement methodology. Our intent is that there will be no vendor companies or consultants in attendance at this meeting.

There is no charge for anyone to attend this meeting, and no obligation to buy any drinks either! Just be ready and willing to share!

You don't need to "book", but you can add Lean Drinks to your Calendar!  It is the third Wednesday of nearly every month.

What is Lean Drinks Adelaide?

Lean Drinks Adelaide is a networking group on LinkedIn and Meetup (sponsored by SIRF Roundtables), with a single purpose: Organize regular networking opportunities for people in Adelaide working in Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement or Change Management, preferably with tasty beverages.  Below is an excerpt from the "Lean Drinks Code" from Lean Drinks Adelaide's LinkedIn Group.

Lean Drinks is Open

Lean Drinks is mostly for people working on Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence or Continuous Improvement, but anyone can come -- people from industry groups, business, government, academia, and as individuals. Lean Drinks is social and inclusive, there is no 'us and them'.
Attendees actively welcome newcomers and introduce them to others in the group.
All attendees commit to meeting new people at every session and not just sticking with people they already know.

Lean Drinks is Freeform
There is generally no agenda or theme, Lean Drinkers mingle and share insights and provoke and exasperate and inspire and delight each other. There will be moments of serendipity and a lot of 'oh, you if are interested in X then I must introduce you to that person over there who knows all about it'.
All kinds of industries come to Lean Drinks and this is what makes for the interesting interactions.

Lean Drinks practices Continuous Improvement
We ask people to sign in so we can get feedback on the venue or get suggestions for the next venue, and as a performance metric for how many people come and repeat.
People who come to Lean Drinks are asked to invite others along by word of mouth, who in turn themselves invite others, etc. Email invites mean that people can forward the invite to friends easily. This is the core for exponential growth.
Join our group
  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Lean-Drinks-Adelaide-6925862  On LinkedIn

Who Should Attend:   Continuous Improvement professionals interested in networking and learning in a fun environment
Date:   Wednesday May 17th, 2017
Time:   4:30 til whenever!
Address:   The Hilton Hotel MyBar, 264 South Road, Hilton
Investment:   Always Free!

For Inquiries Contact:
Sean Lewis 0466 256 736 sean.lewis@sirfrt.com.au


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