CIWG & Site Tour! - ISO 9001 the new standard 9001:2015

CIWG & Site Tour! - ISO 9001 the new standard 9001:2015

What's New or Changed in ISO 9001:2015 - CIWG

ISO 9001:2015Change is coming!  Is your company ISO 9001 certified?  Are you thinking of getting the certification?  Well, there's a new standard coming out this year. Join your peers as we discuss the coming changes to the ISO 9001 standard for 2015. Topics that may be discussed include new sections or revisons:
  • The new 'big focus' on risk-based thinking
  • The 'new' seven quality management principles
  • Shifting from the old explicit requirements-based approach to a new performance-based approach
  • No more quality manual???
  • Incorporation of 'Organisational knowledge'
  • Internal vs External certification
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‘Common Interest Work Group’ (CIWG) events are designed to provide a safe environment for open discussion with peers on the topic of interest they are working on, in and around. There will be no vendor companies in attendance at this meeting.   Agenda
Arrive at 8:40 for 9:00 start
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Who Should Attend:   Quality personnel, General Managers and Operational Managers, internal auditors
Date:   Wednesday September 14th, 2016
Time:   Arrive at 8:40 for a 9:00 am start, finishing at 14:30
Address:   tba
Investment:   No Charge for Members
Dress:   Casual Dress, add special safety info here
Special Note:   None

For Enquiries Contact:
Brian Niven
Alain LeBon
0439 612 609
0439 612 620


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