The Critical 5th S - Sustaining your 5S efforts plus Schneider Electric Benalla Site tour

The Critical 5th S - Sustaining your 5S efforts plus Schneider Electric Benalla Site tour

The Critical Fifth 'S' -
Sustaining 5S Workshop
plus Schneider Electric site tour

Schneider Electric Logo"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Rohn

Anyone who has implemented or tried to implement 5S knows the inherent difficulty of making the process of 5S into a habit.  Most have made excellent starts with great enthusiasm around initial Sort, Set In Order and Shine. Some even Standardise successfully. It is however the disciplined and lucky few that succeed with the last and critical 5th S to Sustain the gains.

This workshop will cover how to ensure the gains of the implementation of the the other 4 S 's become a new working way of life. 

How do we ensure that those good habits are actually formed and followed through?

Come see presentations on the role of Leadership , "Layered Audits" and Kamishibai boards and join the discussion on these potential boosts to your 5S 'Sustain' efforts.

We will be discussing the good / better / best ways to implement  5S so it is sustained.

Discussion Topics:
  • How long to form a habit? 
  • Is 5S a tool, or a change to the culture?
  • How do you engage your people in 5S to achieve good habits 
  • Leadership requirements
  • How to measure "Sustain"
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Workshop events
start with a  detailed presentation on the topic followed by a roundtable discussion and a site tour to observe firsthand. 
Arrive at 8:45 for 9:00 start
Introductions & Aims
Wrap Up

Who Should Attend:   CI Specialists, Production Managers, Process Engineers and any one interested in this topic 
Date:   Thursday August 10th  , 2017
Time:   Arrive at 8:45 for a 9:00 am start - 2:30 pm  finish
Address:   Schneider Electric
88 Sydney Road
Benalla VIC 3672
Investment:   Free for SIRF members
Dress:   Casual
Special Note:   None

For Enquiries Contact:
Brian Niven 0439 612 609
Alain Lebon 0439 612 620

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