OERt CIWG - Managing Change

OERt CIWG - Managing Change

SIRF Roundtables presents
Operational Excellence Roundtable
Common Interest Workgroup
Managing Change
Host to be Virbac

SIRF Roundtables in New South Wales currently comprises in excess of 40 progressive organisations that are willing to network and share their best practices in a peer to peer learning environment, specialising in Operational Excellence and Industrial Maintenance.

The ‘Common Interest Work Group’ (CIWG) events are for operators/technical specialists looking to discuss with peers, specific topics they are working on, in and around their field of excellence.
Change management is a growing and changing field (no pun intended), to the point that there are entire degree programs in change management, as well as a 'Change Management Body of Knowledge' publication similar to Project Management's PMBoK. Certainly it is an important field, but what do we need to know if we are simply making process changes, especially of a continuous improvement nature?  Isn't there a simpler formula or some tricks we could all learn to use?

During this discussion we want to break it down into practical items, we can actually do while implementing change; not every little change requires an eight-month project! Whether you are an experienced enterprise-wide change manager, or a new Lean Leader that just needs some tips for dealing with a union shop, this event promises to have some learning opportunities.

We may discuss such points as:
•    Creating and communicating a clear vision
•    Planning to allow many short term wins
•    Engaging staff in change process without losing sight of the goal
This event is ideal for:
Anyone involved in change
When: 27 April 2017
Host: Virbac
Location: 2152 Castlereagh Road, Penrith
Time: 8:00am for an 8:30am start, concluding at 1:30pm
RSVP: 17 April 2017
Investment: This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership
PPE: Long pants, long sleeves, safety boots and hi-vis vest
Parking: Onsite parking available
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Samantha Jeffrey 0419 511 767
Gary Silversides 0479 164 169

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