SCRt Joint Roundtable - Engaging, Motivating and Aligning your People

SCRt Joint Roundtable - Engaging, Motivating and Aligning your People

SIRF Roundtables presents
Joint Roundtable Event
Engaging, Motivating and Aligning your People
Hosted at Atura Function Centre
SIRF Roundtables in New South Wales, currently comprises in excess of 50 progressive organisations that network and share their best practices in a peer to peer learning environment, specialising in Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and Industrial Maintenance.

The ‘Roundtable Events’ are for senior and middle management specialists looking to discuss with peers, strategy issues they are facing in and around their field of excellence.

This Roundtable is unique in that we are bringing together the combined strengths of all the SIRF Roundtables in New South Wales to discuss and share experiences.

Wouldn't it be fantastic, to have your team all completely engaged with work, motivated to go the extra mile and fully aligned with the goals of the organisation. Nirvana!!  The pot at the end of the rainbow!  A miracle!

However in the bell curve of life, everyone is different, with different skills, tenure, expectations, needs and wants.

As leaders we endeavor to understand all this and create an environment where individual and corporate goals are achieved.

An HBR report stated that; the highest performing individuals in companies have three things going for them: (1) they have tenures of a decade or more in their organisations; (2) they are engaged in their work; and (3) they are in roles where the expectations of the job align well with their natural talents.  Each variable affects outcomes on its own but the highest performance comes from the combination.  But here's the unfortunate fact: in the typical company among the hundreds we've studied, this combination exists in just 5% of individual contributors.

...employees have the best chance of being engage (and staying with their companies) when they also report that their managers understand them and give them the chance to do what they do best every day.

This Roundtable will examine these topics with 3 key presentations and supporting breakout discussion sessions.

Tony Salvage; Managing Director, Insync Surveys

Insync Surveys have conducted over 1,000 employee, customer and board surveys in the last five years for some of the largest organisations throughout Asia Pacific.

From the position of someone on the outside peeking in, Tony will present an analytical overview of these engagement surveys and what this says about Australian industry and employee motivation and engagement; what organisations do with survey results, why surveys are requested and ultimately, the culture and leadership he sees behind the results and actions.


James Michael; Head of Talent Leadership and Culture. Ray White Group

In addition to an earlier career in Australian Special Forces he is a behavioural psychologist and holds a Masters in Business Leadership. In 2003 James became obsessed with the notion that leading Australians needs to be done differently to other cultures. Calling on a 30,000 person piece of research conducted by Cultural Imprint, James will present in an entertaining yet thought provoking way, evidence in support of that hypothesis. Entitled "Leader, Boss or Bastard?" this presentation will confirm what most of us feel and experience as the Australian cultural norm.


Michael Gabadou; VP Operations AP; Interface

In 1994 Ray Anderson US based CEO of Interface commenced a global sustainability initiative to have zero impact and zero footprint by 2020. The principles and values developed and imbedded over the years acted to engage, motivate and unite the organisation and employees. When the Interface factory in Picton burned to the ground in 2012 the time came to truly demonstrate whether these values were real or varnish.

Michael will present how their sustainability values guided them through the traumatic time of the fire incident and subsequent decision to rebuild. How, despite what was done at the time of the fire, never rest on your laurels as how your people perceive you and the business.  


This event is ideal for:
Suitable for anyone in a leadership role.
When: 9 August 2017
Where: Atura Function Centre - Prospect
Address: 32 Cricketers Arms Road, Prospect
Time: 8am for an 8:30am start, concluding at 2pm
RSVP: 28 July 2017
Investment: This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership
Parking: Onsite and street parking available
Attire: Business casual
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Samantha Jeffrey 0438 058 823
Les Wingham 0401 006 344

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