IMRt Joint Roundtable Event

IMRt Joint Roundtable Event

SIRF Roundtables presents
Joint IMRt, OERt & SCRt Roundtable Event
Presentation of Excellence
SIRF Roundtables in Queensland currently comprises in excess of 40 progressive organisations that network and share their best practices in a peer to peer learning environment, specialising in Operational Excellence and Industrial Maintenance.

'Roundtable Events’ are for senior and middle management specialists to discuss with peers strategy issues they are facing in and around their field of excellence.

During 2017 we have had some excellent presentations, covering a variety of topics. Today is about celebrating the diversity of our Roundtables and members across Queensland, with a selection of presentations that are aimed at creating discussion, interest and a unique learning experience.

Our presenters are drawn from a mix of the Roundtables & industry backgrounds, however they all have one thing in common, a real passion for their subject matter of choice.

David Cullen (Australia Post) - AMEA In India
With over 30 years experience in maintenance and engineering roles with Australia Post. In 2016 David travelled to India, where he was team leader for SIRF Roundtables first international assessment for the Australian Maintenance Excellence Awards.

David will cover the highlights as the team leader, and touch on the importance of not only continuously to strive for excellence, but the value of having an external review. He will also share some of his and the teams experiences in a very unique country and culture.

Sharon Richards (Orica Mining Services) - Automation
With an incredible background in CI and operational development, Sharon comes with a wealth of understanding, of how important it is to be, and remain competitive. For some time we have held the Orica site in Helidon in high regards, for their journey towards operational excellence; however sometimes the road to automation needs to be incorporated in the journey.

Sharon will take us through the journey towards to more autonomous process, the issues they faced along the way; automation is not only about equipment and process...

Brad Jeavons (Winson Group) - LEAN & The Sales Process
Starting and spending most of his career in a sales environment, followed by a passion and interest in LEAN principles; has lead Brad to develop a unique approach to the application of LEAN in non operational areas.

Brad will take us through the journey he has undertaken with Winson, and the implementation of LEAN in sales. This is a great example of how and why we should apply operational excellence in all areas of the business, not just the traditional areas of Manufacturing and Warehousing.

David Agnew (NCI Packaging) - High Performance Teams
The challenge around developing a strong team culture, is something as leaders we all wish to achieve and experience in our careers at some stage.
Bringing a team together that truly works as a "collaborative" unit, across all areas of the business, is an incredible experience, and one that tends to be a highlight, never forgotten.

David will take us through his journey in assembling such a team; building the team from the beginning, key traits for success, delivering great results, and collaboration between departments. He will also talk about how difficult it is to maintain the team, including drive and enthusiasm.

Neville Howarth (Ridley AgriProducts) - Multi Site LEAN Implementation
Ridley Agriproducts set about bringing LEAN principles into a very non traditional manufacturing environment. Producing feed for animals from highly variable raw materials that come from the earth predominantly.

Neville has headed up Queensland operations during the transition, and has lead the challenge across several sites, producing different products, with limited on site expertise and experience.
For most of us this is our worst nightmare, when it comes to LEAN implementation, as these principles rely very much on material and process control.
So how are Ridley managing the challenge?
What are the lessons gained to date? and,
How do they see the journey moving forward?

Mark Hansen (High Arctic Energy Services) - Oil Exploration PNG
Mark was previously with Oil Search (PNG operations) as Integrity & Maintenance Manager. Mark has a very interesting background including 12 years in PNG on Mining and Oil & Gas projects.

PNG is a very challenging environment for many reasons; including terrain and environment; logistics; human aspects of culture, people and training; ageing assets; and responsibilities as an expatriate.

This is a fascinating presentation for many reasons, other than just the technical aspects.

This event is ideal for:  
CI, Operations, Maintenance, HR Quality & OHS Professionals
When: 7 December 2017
Where: Brookwater Golf Club
Address: Tournament Drive, Brookwater
Time: 8:30am for a 9am start, concluding at 2.30pm
RSVP: 28 November 2017
Investment: This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership
Parking: Available on site
Dress: Smart Casual Business Attire
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Heidi Thompson 0419 511 767
Gary Silversides 0479 164 169

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