Introduction to Lean

Introduction to Lean

SIRF Roundtables presents
Introduction to Lean
Lean Rt - 1 Day Workshop
This one day introductory workshop will teach your personnel a basic understanding of how Lean systems and practices can support people to improve health, safety, work environment, work quality and deliverables while reducing costs.
Do you want to:
Implement Lean thining in your organisation?
Improve you or your staff's knowledge of Lean?
Bring your team's knowledge of Lean to a common level?
Understand the history and development of Lean, who were the main players
and what was the evolution of Lean?
Learn these concepts in a fun practicle way?

Then the SIRF Roundtables 'Introduction to Lean' workshop may be for you!
What is Lean:

 - The history of Lean , why it was developed and what is the value proposition;
 - The Toyota Production System;
 - The Foundations:  Standardisation, 5S, TPM, Takt Time, Heijunka;
 - Quality Pillar:  Autonomation; Andon, Poka Yoke;
 - Waste Pillar:  Pull, Single Piece Flow, Quick Change Over;
 - Sustainability:  Kaizen;
 - Implementation:  Culture, Risks, Alignment, Actions.

Using our 'CUBE FACTORY' simulation we'll explore many of these concepts in a series of FUN interactive sessions throughout the day.
Workshop Benefits:

 - Demystifies the concepts and jargon of Lean;
 - Through practical hands-on simulation in the 'Cube Factory' participants understand the concepts by 'doing'
 - The benefits and hurdles of Lean are highlighted;
 - Builds commitment and aligns participants to the Lean philosophy.  Achieve the critical mass of like minded thinkers to help your Lean transformation;
 - Energises participants;
 - Helps participants indentify opportunities in their workplace.

Who should attend:

Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Quality professionals, Maintenance professionals, Trades people, Operators, Planning & Logistics, Customer Service, Sales people, Suppliers and Customers.
When: 9 May 2017
Where: Port of Brisbane Visitor Centre
Time: 7:45 for an 8:00 start, concluding at 16:30
RSVP: 28 April 2017
Investment: $590 members.  $750 non-members.  (Pricing excludes GST)
Bulk Discount: 25% discount for 3 or more attendees in one registration
Early Bird Discount: 10% additional discount for bookings made by 11 April 2017
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Heidi Thompson 0419 511 767

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