*Booked Out* Master Class - Maintenance Spares and Stores optimisation - Proudly hosted by Australia Post, Dandenong

*Booked Out* Master Class - Maintenance Spares and Stores optimisation - Proudly hosted by Australia Post, Dandenong

  Master Class
Master Class - Maintenance Spares and Stores Optimisation - Proudly hosted by Australia Post, Dandenong

AuspostA well organized maintenance store directly contributes to lowering business cost. Having the right parts in the store, the right number of parts on hand, bin locations, reorder quantities set builds confidence in the maintenance team. Rationalising down to the right number of parts lowers the financial outlay tied up in the parts store and helps maintenance to be seen as a value add department.

It is really important to take into account things like, criticality, rotable spares, lead time for delivery, part quality (OEM or not OEM), correct storage to keep the parts in good condition so they are ready when required

Chris Kelly and Strategic's tools are utilised across some 2000+ sites around the word. With some 22+ years of supporting industry in this this field particularly with their Spares Optimisation System (SOS), Chris will present a 2 hour master class and share some case studies and his insights on Maintenance spares and stores optimisation

The Master class combined with the Common Interest Work Group will provide opportunity to learn more on the topic from a recognised subject matter expert and share knowledge and experiences with others in industry.

It provides the opportunity to understand what are peoples experiences and what processes used to optimise maintenance spares and stores. Come along to this event to learn and discuss :
SOS assesment
  • Should we hold that spare ?
  • Critical spares
  • Max - Min stock levels
  • Genuine vs non genuine parts
  • Inventory numbering systems
  • Storage racks / cabinets etc
  • Re-order quantities
  • Booking system
  • Reviewing usage of parts
  • Stock level accuracy
  • Auditing stock levels
  • Redundant equipment and parts
  • Rotable parts
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‘IMrt Masterclass' events start with a two-plus hour detailed presentation on the topic by an experienced individual, followed by an open roundtable discussion on the topic. The format provides didactic learning about a complex, specialised subject, combined with the benefits of a Common Interest Work Group.    Agenda
Arrive at 8:30 for 9:00 start
Master Class Presentation
Plant Tour and visit to Store
Group Discussion
Wrap Up

Who Should Attend:   Maintenance Leaders, Engineers, Procurement professionals, Maintenance Stores managers and personnel, Planners, Trades and any one interested in this topic for discussion
Date:   Wednesday July 5th, 2017
Time:   Arrive at 8:30 for a 9:00 am start, finishing at 14:30
Address:   Australia Post Dandenong
Investment:   No Charge for Members
Dress:   Casual dress
Special Note:   Includes a plant tour and visit to Auspost store

For Enquiries Contact:
Alain Le Bon
Brian Niven
0439 612 620
0439 612 609


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