Gwendolyn Galsworth - Visual Thinking - 2 day workshop

Gwendolyn Galsworth - Visual Thinking - 2 day workshop

Gwendolyn Galsworth
Visual Thinking Course
March 30th-31st in Melbourne

Kindly hosted by Orora Scoresby - 1420 Ferntree Gully Rd


    "A visual workplace is self ordering, self explaining, self regulating and self improving."  - Dr Gwendolyn Galsworth

The number one Visual Management trainer in the world is coming to Melbourne exclusively with SIRF Roundtables!

Dr Galsworth is a pioneer in Gwendolyn testimonial smallthe world of visual thinking, and for over 30 years she has traveled the world helping companies to transform their workplaces through the power of visuality. She has decoded the field of visuality in her Shingo Award winning book, Visual Workplace - Visual Thinking and also in Work That Makes Sense and throughout her many other publications available at her company's website or you can view Gwendolyn Galsworth's View Gwendolyn Galsworth's profile on LinkedIn or

A Visual Workplace is not about buckets and brooms, posters Gwendolyn testimonial and signs or a handful of metrics. It is a compelling operational excellence imperative, crucial to meeting daily production goals, central to your war on waste and fundamental to vastly reduced lead times and accelerated flow. Workplace visuality is the language of excellence made visual and the glue that holds all other improvement activities together and makes them sustainable.

This course is the first part of two interrelated courses intended to set trainees on the course toward mastering the skills of visual thinking. Gwendolyn's emphasis in this course is on helping trainees to understand the world of visuality so they can begin to transform their own workplace. Ideally, attendees of this course will apply what they have learned before taking the Advanced Visual Leadership Course. Dr Galsworth's material is often quoted by successful SIRF Roundtable members in case studies.

Learning Objectives include:Gwen's Books
  • Recognizing the ten core visual technologies to help you ensure what should happen does happen.
  • Understanding the vital difference between measures that monitor and measures that drive results.
  • Tracking your visual management impact on the workforce.
  • Knowing and avoiding the three biggest mistakes made by companies trying to implement visual management.
  • Seeing the improvements of a visual-LEAN alliance.
  • Learn how to effectively implement visual devices to create a workplace that is self ordering, self explaining and self regulating and improving.

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Early Birds Book by February 28th And Save An Incredible 30%!   Workshop Highlights
- Learn Dr Galsworth's unique approach to visual transformation
- The 10 step doorway model
- Self driven 'I' thinking and the key to sustainability
- Tracking visuality's impact on the bottom line
- Measures that monitor vs drive
- Visual Management vs Visual Performance
- Building a visual role for supervisor and management
- The key to energizing a diverse workforce
- Company analysis on second day

Who Should Attend:   Continuous Improvement Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Developing leaders and anyone wanting to improve process flow and performance
Date:   Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March, 2017
Time:   Arrive at 8:00 for an 8:30am start, finishing at 16:30
Address:   1420 Ferntree Gully Rd, Scoresby
Investment:   $2400 + GST, $1800 + GST for Members
10% Group Discount for 3 or more on one invoice
30% Early Bird Special for bookings before February 28th, 2017
Dress:   Casual
Special Note:    

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