SIRF SAFETY Innovations Roundtable

SIRF SAFETY Innovations Roundtable

SIRF Op  Ex  Roundtable
28th June 2017

Mantra on TullamarineSafety innovation is becoming an increasingly important component of workplace safety management.

 Innovation, whether in processes, technology or approaches to people, is helping to identify and solve chronic safety problems. Just as technological innovations such as cloud computing or mobile devices have transformed our way of doing business every day, innovation is also transforming the way we look at and deal with people’s safety.

It is not just the creation of new programs and processes, but the existence of an organisational safety culture where such innovations can be created and developed.
In this roundtable we will be hearing from organisations that have developed or are developing creative programs, processes or leveraging new technologies for improving workplace safety. We will also discuss how these organisations have effectively integrated these changes throughout the organisation, and in so doing created an innovative safety culture.

  • Presentations confirmed for this Roundtable (mini conference) - more to follow
Cristian Sylvestre, SafeStart is the Managing Director, a human error prevention program that has achieved a 60 - 90% reduction in workplace incidents within 6-12 months of implementation. He has a long career in Safety with senior roles with ICI, Shell amongst others over a 20 year period
Cristian Sylvestre  will present on the SafeStart method to deliver a step-change improvement in safety performance by engaging with workers so they understand how mistakes are made and what can be done about it.
Melbourne Water
Scott McMillan
Scott is a Safe Assets Specialist at Melbourne  Water. He has ten years of experience as an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician, where his trade has taken him to the extremes of Antarctica and then the tropical Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

Scott is passionate about bringing new technology to the world of safety and is working on multiple initiatives to increase Melbourne Water's  exposure to new equipment that can make everyday tasks safer.
Virtual Reality Safety In Design  & Fleet Safety Technologies
Scott McMillan will present on how Melbourne Water are utilising Virtual Reality technology to better engage their Operations and Maintenance staff before plant is built, as well as what Melbourne Water is looking to do next in this space.

Scott will also discuss new Fleet Safety Technologies that Melbourne Water is embedding in all new fleet purchases. This included working with the Monash University Accident Research Centre and ANCAP
CAT logo
Jenny Krasny , Caterpillar Safety Services  , senior safety consultant
Jenny has a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology and is passionate about improving workplace Safety Culture. She has extensive consulting experience across a range of industries.
Jenny Krasny will share with you the stories of those who have managed to break free of the long held tenets of safety , while offering the key elements that supported the change toward a different approach. 
SIRF Roundtable image Roundtable Discussion
We will have the chance to share & discuss Safety Innovations happening within each company present in a Roundtable format

Thornhill Risk
Andrew Thornhill of Thornhill Risk is a HSE practitioner with a focus on the human element in risk.
Andrew Thornhill, of Thornhill Risk will present an interactive workshop examining:
- Complexity and uncertainty in risk.
- How people judgments and decisions
- Strategies to move beyond a focus on primary (physical objects) risks to secondary (psychological) and tertiary (cultural) causes of risk.


Come along and be part of what will be a great event.

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