JSAs, SWMS, and Work Permit Processes

JSAs, SWMS, and Work Permit Processes

JSA,s  SWMS & Work Permits

We're upgrading our website!

We want to serve our members in better and more ways than ever before, so SIRF Roundtables is getting a new website! Hooray!

Unfortunately, the event announcements and booking systems for the new site are not compatible with this system. Therefore this is just a placeholder, and to keep things as uncomplicated as possible we're keeping registrations closed right now as well.

The event will go ahead, with the same event type and subject, but we might change the date or the host before the new system comes online in early 2018. When the new system is online, there will be a detailed event description and the ability to book a place. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you have questions or want to reserve a place anyway, please contact your state facilitator.

Jeff 0409 535 239 jeff.naylor@sirfrt.com.au


Booking and more info

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