Synchrotron & Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication  - Site Tour plus  - Industrial Applications Case Studies

Synchrotron & Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication - Site Tour plus - Industrial Applications Case Studies

 Australian Synchrotron &
 Melb Centre for Nano Fabrication
2 excellent Site Tours

including 5 excellent presentations 

Australian SynchrotronThe Australian Synchrotron - turning brilliant ideas into brilliant outcomes.
A synchrotron is a large machine (about the size of a football field) that accelerates electrons to almost the speed of light. As the electrons are deflected through magnetic fields they create extremely bright light. The bright light is channelled down beamlines to experimental workstations where it is used for research.

Australian Synchrotron photo 

Synchrotron light is advancing research and development in many practical applications in fields as diverse as:
•    Engineering (imaging of industrial processes in real time, high resolution imaging of cracks / defects in structures, the operation of catalysts in large chemical engineering processes)
•    Agriculture (plant genomics, soil studies, animal & plant imaging)
•    Advanced Materials (nanostructured materials, intelligent polymers, ceramics, light metals and alloys, electronic and magnetic materials)
•    Minerals Exploration (rapid analysis of drill core samples, comprehensive characterisation of ores )
•   Biosciences (macromolecular/protein crystallography and cell biology)
•    Environmental Sciences (toxicology, atmospheric research, clean combustion and cleaner industrial production technologies)
•    Medical Research
•    Forensics

Melbourne Centre of NanoFabrication The Melbourne Centre for Nanonfabrication ( MCN ) is a $50 million world-class nanofabrication centre, combining cutting-edge technologies with the knowledge and skills of expert process engineers.
MCN employs LEAN operating principles focused on the customer experience.  The MCN emphasis is the chemical and biological manipulation of nano-structures and the design, rapid-prototyping and fabrication of nano-devices.  The have worked working primarily in the fields of solar energy, biosensing, micro-nano fluidic devices, drug delivery, micro-mechanical systems, optics and medical bionics.

MCN photo

In addition to tours of these 2 world class facilities , we will have the following excellent brief presentations from presenters at the forefront of scientific research keeping Australia at the cutting edge.

CSIRO Medical Technology Centre logo Dr Mark Bown (CSIRO Medical Technology Centre) will present on
the Translation of Biomedical materials in the MedTech sector
MCN Prof Nicolas Voelcker (Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication) will  present on Industry engagement by MCN
Australian Synchrotron Dr David Cookson (Australian Sunchrotron /  ANSTO ) will present on Australian Synchrotron Industry Case Studies 
Mini FAB logo Peter Bettonvil (Project Manager MiniFAB Aust ) will present on MiniFAB and the  Bionic Eye
ANSTO logo Dr Jamie Schultz (Acting Head of Research Infrastructure, ANSTO ) will present on ANSTO and their work with Industry

Thursday June 22nd 
 Australian Synchrotron
800 Blackburn Road, Clayton VIC 3168

 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Investment:    Free for SIRF members

Parking:    Off Street parking available in car park on left hand side after entering gate

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