CSF Protein - CSF Proteins Continuous Improvement Journey & Site Tour

CSF Protein - CSF Proteins Continuous Improvement Journey & Site Tour

CSF Proteins
CI Journey and Site Visit


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Continuous Improvement Journey & Site Tour  

Meat rendering is not an industry much heralded for leading the way with Continuous Improvement. However, CSF Proteins at Laverton under the excellent leadership of Rohan Hodges have made some real and significant sustained gains in only a relatively short period.

The focused Visual Management effort has yielded success.
None more so than the dramatic transformation of their maintenance workshop and stores - it is truly one of the best that I have seen. Simple successful  changes made have allowed better communication and teamwork - shift to shift and across functions. The plant layout and warehouse have been modified to assist flow. Focused Problem Solving is delivering results along with an emphasis on good lubrication practices and precision maintenance.

This is a great opportunity to see improvements made outside the traditional production line industries noted for LEAN success. 
If you work in an non assembly line industry and are on the Continuous Improvement journey , this could be a site visit not to miss.
CSF Proteins

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Site Tour  events
allow an opportunity to see manufacturing excellence on display at different locations and also be able to discuss the key elements of this with those that make it happen every day.  
•  8:30 am arrival , sign in , welcome, introductions
9:00 am  CSF Presentation on improvement journey
9:45 am Site Tour
11:00 am Feedback from tour – Debrief
11:30  am     Departure


Who Should Attend:   CI Specialists, Site, Ops & Production Managers, Process Engineers 
Date:    Wednesday September 20th  , 2017
Time:   Arrive at 8:30 am  -  11:30 am finish
Address:   CSF Proteins,
1-9 Merino Street,
Laverton  Victoria  3026
Investment:   Free for SIRF members
Dress:   Safety shoes and safety glasses , Hi Vis
Special Note:   None

For Enquiries Contact:
Brian Niven 0439 612 609 brian.niven@sirfrt.com.au
Alain Lebon 0439 612 620 alain.lebon@sirfrt.com.au

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