Ron Moore - Upcoming Trip - Enquire about in-house or public workshops

Ron Moore - Upcoming Trip - Enquire about in-house or public workshops

SIRF Roundtables presents
International Specialist Workshop
Ron Moore

Reliability Leadership for

Operational Excellence
Ron’s emphasis is aimed at influencing individuals to help make their company a lower-cost producer, by maximising capacity & minimising production and maintenance costs.
He models how this is possible by taking a proven approach to reliability.
The material presented challenges the traditional view that reliability is the maintenance department’s responsibility.
His common sense approach and support material is often quoted in successful Roundtable members case studies.
Workshop Outline:

- Introduction
- Reliability and Capacity Relationship
- Current Reliability (Maintenance) Practices
- Key Features in a World Class Reliability Program - Review of Technologies from a Management Perspective
- Organisational Strategy for Integration/Implementation of Reliability Practices
- Case History - Whamadyne Chemicals
- Self-Audit - Base lining Your Current Operation
- Development of Your Continuous Improvement Plan

What you will learn:

- Reliability principles. Design, operating and procurement & stores
- The various maintenance practices available including; their strengths and weaknesses and their relationship to reliability and how application of reliability principles can improve capacity and cut costs.
- How to apply those principles within your plant to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce planned downtime, improve quality and minimise maintenance costs.
- Predictive technologies and methods for maximising knowledge of machinery condition, and therefore minimising the risk of unplanned downtime. How these technologies allow plants to become proactive in assuring equipment reliability.
- Key reliability benchmarks, how you compare to those benchmarks and how you can achieve a benchmark level of performance.
- Methods for improved organisations, communication, managing cultural change, securing executive sponsorship, improving the organisation and teamwork for effectively implementing the strategy.
- Metrics to be used to measure the effectiveness of the reliability strategy as implemented at your plant.
- How your plant's actual production capacity measures against maximum capacity, those issues that are contributing to the difference and more importantly, how to address each issue which is limiting capacity through application of reliability principles
- How your practices compare to reliability best practice and benchmarks, and an improvement plan of how to bring your business to a world-class level.
Who should attend?

Plant Managers, Production Managers, Engineering Managers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance Planners, Production Planners.

About Ron Moore

Managing Partner of The RM Group, is an internationally recognized authority on reliability and manufacturing strategies. His efforts principally focus on improving reliability of manufacturing plants, and therefore, increasing production capacity and reducing operating and maintenance costs. This is done through the strategic planning and implementation of various operations and maintenance practices, systems, and technologies.

Ron is the author of Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence, now in its 3rd edition, and selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools- What Tool?  When?  He has also authored over 30 journal articles.  Ron has over 30 years of experience working in the industrial manufacturing field and was formerly the president of a predictive maintenance technologies supplier.

SIRF Roundtables has been sponsoring Ron Moore’s visits to Australia for over 15 years and Ron has well-established credibility with some of Australia’s largest companies.

Rons books are available for purchase online by following this link.
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Heidi Thompson 0419 511 767

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