Joel Levitt - Upcoming Trip - Enquire about in-house workshops

Joel Levitt - Upcoming Trip - Enquire about in-house workshops

SIRF Roundtables presents
International Specialist Workshop

Joel Levitt

Planning & Scheduling

Benchmark your Maintenance Practices to World Class

2 Day Workshop - In house Opportunities available
Joel is the consummate Maintenance Systems and Practices presenter with vast experience in many industries throughout the world.

This workshop is specifically aimed at anyone involved with maintenance planning and scheduling. Joel takes trainees through his in-depth program giving expert guidance
in the methodologies and strategies and tactics to help your business towards world
class planning and scheduling.

Is reliability of your plant and the performance of your maintenance department part of your competitive advantage strategy?  If so, Joel Levitt’s planning and scheduling workshop should be a fundamental building block for the development of your maintenance team.
Workshop Outline

An in-depth look at all aspects of maintenance planning & scheduling functions. Maintenance leaders will share a common language and vision. The course covers the collaborative approach to decision making, and cohesion with other departments required for overall success.

Day 1

The truth about maintenance productivity
The maintenance planner role
Driving continuous improvement with your work order system
Maximizing use of available hours
How to plan maintenance work
- Effective Planning
- Understanding the Requirements

Day 2

Importance of a maintenance calendar
Periodic tasks and improving your CMMS system
Scheduling maintenance available hours
Effective management of a backlog
Maximising scheduled downtime opportunities
Matching resources to jobs
Job execution, feedback and metrics
Learning Outcomes

- Prioritizing jobs and backlog: Working out whats important and dealing with them effectively
- Enacting the plan: Understanding the importance of prior preparation
- Ongoing CMMS development: The importance of work order feedback from trades to streamlining your CMMS
- How to improve productivity: Learning the techniques to get more out of your existing workforce by working smarter not harder
- Calendar and ready backlog: Having planned jobs ready to draw on when your plan hits a roadblock improves maintenance output
- Measuring and monitoring success: How to keep hold of your improvements
- Comparison to world class: Improve teamwork and job satisfaction
Who should attend?

This course is applicable to everyone from engineering and maintenance managers through to team leaders and even influential shop floor leader roles. If you want to set up or improve your maintenance practices then this course and trainer is a great option for you.

About Joel Levitt

Joel Levitt is an international trainer and renowned author in his chosen field of maintenance systems and practices. Joel has trained more than 17,000 managers, engineers, supervisors, maintenance planners, team leaders from over 3,000 organisations and 500+ sessions in 25 countries. With decades of hands on experience.  Joel is an expert in all facets of maintenance management, including management skils, preventative maintenance, inventory control, CMMS design and system installation. A seasoned International Specialist Workshop author of more than 10 books and 200+ articles we have no doubt Joel can help you on your maintenance continuous improvement journey.

For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Samantha Jeffrey 0438 058 823

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