Join SIRF NSW site visits to Vistaprint ( Derimut am ) and VIP Packaging (Truganina - pm)

Join SIRF NSW site visits to Vistaprint ( Derimut am ) and VIP Packaging (Truganina - pm)

SIRF Roundtables proudly presents the opportunity to visit two great plants in Melbourne - joining a SIRF NSW  trip to Victoria.

Only a few places remain - 1 person max per company
Operational Excellence Roundtable 
Site Tour

The Cimpress Plant

The first site tour will be at Vistaprint /  Cimpress in their Shingo Bronze award winning plant in Derrimut. 

Cimpress ( formerly  Vistaprint ) was the first printing company in the world , the first company in Australia and the youngest company ever to win the global Shingo prize for manufacturing excellence.

“Right from launch, our plant in Australia established a clear vision – to become the best mass customization manufacturer in Australia.  The keys to our success have been establishing a clear and long term vision, assembling an amazingly talented and dedicated team here in Melbourne, setting the bar high from day one; and providing continual encouragement and support to the team in order to bring our vision to life.”  Robert Bruce, Managing Director & Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.
This site tour will include a presentation from the Cimpress team on their journey to excellence and the work done to establish a culture that supports and sustains this journey.
The site tour will enable you to see and feel the excitement of this firsthand. 



VIP Packaging at Truganina have successfully improved their manufacturing efficiencies, OEE and profits by adopting the latest technologies in the form visual monitoring screens providing operating feedback systems as well as the very latest in robots.

Ben Andrews, VIP Operations Manager will present on the success at VIP in the cost effective implementation of these technologies and how they were used to assist good workplace culture and drive process improvements at his Truganina site.

When: Wednesday 2nd August 2017
Location: Vistaprint  / Cimpress: 66 Paramount Blvd, Derrimut VIC
VIP Packaging: 1 Foundation Drive, Truganina

Time: Cimpress: 9:00am to 11:30am
​VIP Packaging: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Note:  Allow 30 approximately from the airport to Cimpress.
Investment: This event is free for SIRF member companies 

Note:  Places are limited - only 1 person per company 
PPE: Long pants and sleeves, enclosed flat shoes & hi-vis vest
Parking: Parking available on site
For further assistance please don't hesitate to contact:
Brian Niven                     0439612609

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