Effective use of Virtual Reality to Improve Factory Design and Engage your Teams

Effective use of Virtual Reality to Improve Factory Design and Engage your Teams

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Effective use of Virtual Reality in Factory Design - a real Engagement opportunity 

Melbourne Water
Workshop and Site Visit


Melbourne Water Logo Melbourne Water
Brooklyn Pumping Station

The increasing availability, performance and cost effectiveness of Virtual Reality means that leading companies are beginning to use VR to involve operators and maintenance in the design of new equipment. This not only improves the design outcomes, reduces design change costs but involves and engages the team in accepting and being an integral part of the change.

In this workshop, Scott McMillan, Safe Assets Specialist at Melbourne Water will present on how Melbourne Water are utilising Virtual Reality technology to better engage their Operations and Maintenance staff before the new plant is built, as well as what Melbourne Water is looking to do next in this space.

Attendees will have a chance to experience the Virtual Reality technologies firsthand and share and discuss the applications.

The workshop will include the opportunity to also tour the Melbourne Water Brooklyn Pumping station.


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Site Tour  events
allow an opportunity to see manufacturing excellence on display at different locations and also be able to discuss the key elements of this with those that make it happen every day.  
8:45 am arrival , sign in , welcome, introductions
9:00 am  Melb Water VR presentation & experience
10:15 am Site Tour
10:30 am Brooklyn Pumping Station Site Tour
11:30 Tour Feedback
12:00  noon     Departure


Who Should Attend:   Capital & Project Engineers, Safety Specialists, Site, Ops & Production Managers, Process Engineers 
Date:    Wednesday October 11th  , 2017
Time:   Arrive at 8:30 am  -  12:00 noon finish
Address:   Melbourne Water
Brooklyn Pumping Station ,
87 - 89 Millers Road,
Brooklyn Victoria  3012
Investment:   Free for SIRF members
Dress:   Safety shoes and safety glasses , Hi Vis
Special Note:   None

For Enquiries Contact:
Brian Niven 0439 612 609 brian.niven@sirfrt.com.au
Alain Lebon 0439 612 620 alain.lebon@sirfrt.com.au

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