RCA In-House at Cobham Aviation

RCA In-House at Cobham Aviation

Cobham Aviation

Cobham Aviation personnel are upgrading their problem solving skills!

Why aren't yours?

This two day workshop will bring their people together using our robust, thorough, effective, science based methodology for solving problems. Their problem solvers will be able to root-cause and eliminate the organisation's problems with the RCArt 12 step methodology.

Does your company have a standard problem solving methodology? Robust problems solving is essential in any business today, at individual, team and organizational levels. It is required for safety incident evaluation, equipment breakdown, continuous improvement projects, and so much more.

Focus Find Causes Fix Forever

The RCA Rt method builds on a foundation of understanding 5 Whys then expands to cause tree diagrams that everyone can relate to easily. Our 12 step approach has been based on scientific research and will eliminate common 'problem solving problems' like jumping to solutions or failing to recognize a bias towards one potential root cause.

SIRF's 5-Why & A3 problem solving course for front-line problem solvers dovetails perfectly into the flagship RCArt training course, enabling problem solving with the correct tool at all levels of an organisation. Our training formats all allow time to work in small groups to practice and apply the skills that have been learned on real problems from the participant’s own work environment.

Onsite Training Available

Don't wait! Contact us about having this training delivered on site now!

For Inquiries Contact:
RCA Support 0434 269 589 rcart_enquiries@sirfrt.com.au
Sean Lewis 0466 256 736 sean.lewis@sirfrt.com.au


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