In House RCA 2 Go Software Training

In House RCA 2 Go Software Training

SIRF Rountables presents
RCA2GO Software Training
Provided for SEQ Water
RCA2GO software supports and records all types of problem solving processes, from the simplest forms of 5WHYS, through cause tree approaches and on to rigorous statistical based Six Sigma approaches.

As a web based problem solving software that shares and backs up all data through cloud computing, RCA2GO is ready 2GO anywhere, anytime. Any computer with a web browser that is linked to the Internet can use it.
Software Overview:

Add Actions to Causes

When you start developing your cause tree(s), you may want to assign actions to some causes. Actions can be simple reminders, or more complex actions to manage gathering of evidence and set remedial tasks. Showing both cuases and actions, enables a better and clearer view of the problem.

Cause Tree Templates

Easy development of cause tree with space for evidence, detailed commentary and coding of criticality of each cause. RCA2GO works in a browser, on desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices like touch sensitive tablets. RCA2GO supports mouse click or touch of your finger as the input device. Development of a cause tree is as easy as 1-2-3; 1. one click or tap creates a new cause, 2. one click or tap moves your cause anywhere you want within the cause tree, and 3. one click or tap connects it to, or deconnects it from the branch of the tree. It cannot be simpler than that.

5Whys Problem Solving Process

5 WHYS is a simple approach to gain on insight to the root cause for simple problems. How does it work? First define the problem, then ask ‘why’ to find the first direct or immediate cause. Usually the initial answer to the first why is the result of a more deep seated cause, so by asking why a second, third and fourth time we can drill down to identify the underlying cause of the problem. Five is a nominal number. In reality, the questioning should continue until either the answer is beyond your control or becomes trivial. 5WHYS can be used as part of the wider investigation or process, or it can be used just by itself. It is a relatively simple process and can be used by individuals or work teams on the shop floor. 5WHYS is also very powerful. It can provide the building blocks for a bigger RCA investigation should a quick 5WHYS not establish a viable solution, or, if the consequences of the problem are great enough to warrant a thorough investigation. The software easily and quickly captures the 5 WHYS so that the investigation can be expanded if the problem is not truly solved.

12 Steps RCA Rt Process Built In

Root cause analysis (RCA), generally speaking, is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root causes of problems. In theory it is not a single, sharply defined methodology. However, RCA Rt implementation inside the RCA2GO software is a thoroughly defined methodology for a successful root cause analysis. It consists of carefully outlined 3 phases, each of which has 4 steps. That is 12 steps in total — at any given moment you know where you are within the process, and what is next to be done. RCA2GO software helps you create and guide through the RCA Rt investigation of any scale, across teams.
The story of RCA Rt becomes even more interesting when you start using this methodology not only reactively, ie. to solve problems, but proactively, eg to analyse real causes of your successes, to investigate your processes, the logic of operations in your business, intangibles, etc.

Escalation Path

RCA2GO's Incident management system enables you to coordinate 5WHYS, Cause Tree (through our carefully outlined 12-steps method) and Six Sigma DMAIC (rigorous statistically based Six SIgma DMAIC methodology), allowing you escalation path as understanding and complexity of the problem develops. Findings and outcomes of one smaller investigation quickly feed into the inputs of another, wider scale investigation, and at all times you have a clear picture of the escallation path.

Six Sigma DMAIC Overlay

Like 5WHYS and RCA, Six Sigma is part of the toolbox of the continuous improvement philosophy. In many organisations Six Sigma describes a measure of improvement of quality that strives for near perfection. It is like extra fine tuning of the well-tempered piano. As such, it is a disciplined, measured, statistical, data-driven approach to recognise and remove the causes of tiniest of defects (errors, problems) and minimise variability in manufacturing and business processes. Why six sigma? The term "six sigma process" comes from the notion that if one has six standard deviations between the process mean and the nearest specification limit, practically no items will fail to meet specifications, and that applies to everythin that can be measured: products, services and processes.
The Six Sigma DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) is an improvement system for existing processes that fall below specification, and the team is looking for incremental improvement.
When: 27 October 2017

RCA2GO software training is conducted in-house for companies with a subscription to their own database.  For RCA2GO database enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact:
Heidi Thompson 0419 511 767

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