FMEA, Problem Solving, and Risk Reduction for Plant and Equipment

FMEA, Problem Solving, and Risk Reduction for Plant and Equipment


FMEA, Problem Solving, and Risk Reduction for Plant and Equipment

Operator Led Standard WorkFor many companies there is a lot of work done when a new piece of equipment is planned and ordered. Asset managers and reliability professionals comb through data on existing equipment, dust off the old FMEA's or create new ones from scratch, and then do their best to eliminate any chances for problems. Others aren't so lucky and no FMEA's are ever made.

Whichever category your organisation falls in, there is no reason for FMEA's to get left aside when production starts, or never created because we are already running. This tool, when combined with a root-cause problem solving methodology used by maintenance and operations, can become an extremely useful, living document that aids in continuously reducing risks.

In this session we will be discussing the benefits and the barriers to making FMEA's living documents, used to continuously improve our plant and equipment, as well as our operating techniques. Don't miss out! We will discuss such points as:
  • Doing a new FMEA on existing equipment
  • FMEAs and how they transition into Process FMEAs
  • Systems for storing and maintaining these documents
  • Integrating our maintenance RCA's into the FMEA
  • And a lot more!
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Who Should Attend:   Continuous Improvement professionals, Ops Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and anyone else who is interested in this topic.
Date:   Tuesday April 22nd, 2018
Time:   Arrive at 8:40 for a 9:00 am start, finishing at 14:30
Address:   Looking for a Host
Investment:   No Charge for Members
Dress:   Depends on Host
Special Note:   None

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