Bosch Australia Site Tour - Bosch Manufacturing Solutions & Bosch Diode Production

Bosch Australia Site Tour - Bosch Manufacturing Solutions & Bosch Diode Production


 Bosch Australia
Manufacturing Solutions Workshop
Automotive Diode production facility
Site Tour 

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 Bosch Manufacturing Solutions is a division of Bosch Australia, globally recognised for their innovative work in engineering services providing solutions for a wide range  of manufacturing industries. Bosch Manufacturing Solutions group  offers its capability to design, build, test and commission
complex factory automation solutions to external customers in various industry sectors, most notably Medical, Agriculture, and Heavy Transport.

Bosch Australia was successful in having all diode production
consolidated in Australia. With capacity to produce some 120
million diodes and growing per annum, diodes  generate significant export revenues.

The Bosch Company has a very simple philosophy, and that is “Don’t disappoint your customers.” With this in mind, quality of product and timely delivery is paramount. Every day the business strives to ensure continuous improvement. Over time, they have developed techniques and approaches that were originally
borrowed heavily from the Toyota production system. We have adapted the systems and approaches with the Bosh Production System ( BPS ) and use different terminology but it’s largely about removing waste and improving processes, whether in
Manufacturing, Engineering or any other business process.

This site tour allows the unique opportunity to learn more about the Bosch Industry 4.0 approach and also see elements of this in action integrated within the Bosch Production System
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Site Tour  events
allow an opportunity to see manufacturing excellence on display at different locations and be able to discuss the key elements of this with those that make it happen every day.  
Overview Bosch & RBAU
Overview Bosch Australia - Manufacturing Solutions
Industry4.0  Bosch worldwide
Industry4.0 at Bosch Australia
    • Overview
    • Activities
    • Case studies
6. Site Tours
• Diodes Production including Industry4.0 applications
• Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions
 Q&A &  Wrap up

Who Should Attend: Plant Managers,  CI Specialists, Production Maintenance Managers, Process Engineers 
Date: Tuesday February 27th , 2018
Time: Arrive at 12:30  -  2:30 pm finish
Address: Bosch Australia
1555 Centre Road, Clayton
Victoria 3168
Investment: Free for SIRF members
Dress: Safety Shoes, safety glasses, Hi Vis
Special Note: None

For Enquiries Contact:
Brian Niven 0439 612 609
Alain Lebon 0439 612 620

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