LEAN Leadership Values & Behaviours for Successful Sustained LEAN deployment

LEAN Leadership Values & Behaviours for Successful Sustained LEAN deployment

LEAN Leadership Values and Behaviours

The starting point for sustainable LEAN deployment

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Master Class  

Andy Kelsall - CLS MD  


CLS LogoAndy Kelsall’s (now famous) LEAN Executive Alignment Masterclass talks about the Principles, Values and Behaviours that anchor true sustainable Lean deployment.  Without this as a starting point many companies falter after the initial short lived “sugar rush” effect of application of Lean systems and just the tools alone.

Our experience, which is echoed and endorsed consistently throughout the Shingo and Toyota Way models, tells us that for Lean to be ultimately successful and deliver sustainable return on effort invested, it has to be more than just the application of LEAN tools alone. The Alignment session is invaluable to establish the type of routines and behaviours early in deployment that will drive real success.

It is essential stuff for those in leadership positions that may be either embarking upon Lean for the first time or may be some way through deployment but may be frustrated by lack of momentum or organizational buy-in.

Andy of course illustrates each element in his typically frank and entertaining way, giving real and practical examples that are not only memorable but immediately transferable to any business environment.

Complete Lean Solutions was established in 2004 by Richard Pounder and Andy Kelsall. Between them they had over 22 years experience of working for Toyota in the UK and Europe. Complete Lean Solutions is a global Lean Consultancy and Training Organisation with offices in Australia and the UK servicing forward thinking clients throughout Europe, North America and Australasia.

Before forming CLS , Andy Kelsall spent 10 years working with Toyota in Europe, cumulating with 4 years as Toyota European Logistics Network Manager based at Toyota European HQ in Brussels. As Toyota moved from a single European operation to having sites in 5 countries, Andy was responsible for the development and delivery of the Pan European Logistics Network. Working closely with some of the world’s leading TPS Specialists, including Dr Toyoda (Chairman), Nampachi Hiyashi (Head of TPS Worldwide) and Tenaka GX (One of only six coordinators to achieve GX status), Andy developed a deep and broad, first-hand experience of Lean Thinking.  Combining this invaluable time at Toyota with CLS experience from multiple clients across multiple business environments, Andy fully understands the cultural drive required to successfully deploy Lean in any business situation.

Masterclass events
start with a  detailed presentation on the topic by an experienced individual, followed by a roundtable discussion. 
Arrive at 8:15 for 8:30 start
Introductions / Networking
Masterclass Presentation
Wrap Up  3:00 pm finish

Who Should Attend: Senior Leaders on or intending to embark on a sustainable LEAN journey
Date: Thursday May 10th , 2018
Time: Arrive at 8:15 for a 8:30 am start - 3:00 pm  finish
Address: Mantra on Russell.  
 222 Russell St , Melbourne CBD
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 $200  for SIRF members

  $500 for non members
Dress: Casual  
Special Note: Places are limited
Please book early to not miss out

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