Theory of Constraints with Lewis Trigger - Enquire about In-House or Hosting

Theory of Constraints with Lewis Trigger - Enquire about In-House or Hosting

Theory of Constraints Expert
Lewis Trigger
Coming to Australia in April 2018

He will be available for in-house consultation and workshops, and there may be some open enrollment courses. Want to have him in-house or ensure he does a workshop near you? Contact your SIRF State Manager and let them know!

Every business process has a constraint.

Constraints, by definition, limit what you can achieve.

In other words, bottlenecks are hurting your business. So what are you doing about it?

Lewis Trigger, an Australian born Israeli, learned all about Theory of Constraints (ToC) from the late Eli Goldratt, the author of the revolutionary business book "The Goal". Building on Eli's groundbreaking principles, Lewis teaches ToC with a positive spin he calls Constraints Innovation. He explains the whys and hows of ToC; how knowing your constraints is a positive thing, allowing you to get more from the resources and time that you have, often without spending any money!

TOC picThe results can be incredible. People and resources achieve higher quality work, with lower lead times, reduced backlogs, increased throughput, less fuss and improved job satisfaction. Knowing your constraint prevents wasted efforts and cost for efficiency improvements on non-bottlenecks; this recently saved a mining company in WA from investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the wrong resources!

Lewis is an industrial engineer with over 20 years experience in applying Theory of Constraints (TOC) across many industries and processes, from traditional plant & equipment problems to office and healthcare processes to project management.  His common sense approach has been recognized by successful SIRF Roundtable members across Australia and New Zealand.

During an in-house or public session, Lewis will help you learn to 'love your constraint' to get maximum throughput. Lewis will cover all the basics of TOC and Constraints Innovation in detail, while working with you on your real process!

What else will you learn with Lewis?
  • Know how to improve effectiveness without incurring additional costs
  • Learn how local efficiency can worsen system effectiveness
  • Learn to focus management efforts and allocate resources for the best effect
  • Simplify problem solving and get a win/win solution rather than a compromise
  • Meet your commitments: delivery on time and within budget
  • Improve inventory turnover and shorten lead times
  • Learn how to apply the TOC process to all parts of your business for improved results
  • Learn how to use TOC to improve employee engagement & ownership through effective performance measurement
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For Inquiries Contact the Manager for Your Region:

New Zealand Jeff Naylor
(+61) 409 535 239
South Australia Sean Lewis
0466 256 736
Victoria or Tasmania Alain LeBon
0439 612 620
  Brian Niven
0439 612 609 
Western Australia
0409 535 239


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