Ron Moore - 3 day In-house at IGA Nova Mine Site WA - Leadership for Operational Excellence

Ron Moore - 3 day In-house at IGA Nova Mine Site WA - Leadership for Operational Excellence


Ron Moore - Global Expert
3 days In-house at IGO Nova


This is the write up for the two day workshop! It will show you how to establish reliability as a core value in your business. Inspirational case studies from some of the world's best plants will demonstrate how the relentless pursuit of defect elimination, asset productivity and workforce engagement will help you deliver dramatic competitive advantage - with increased capability, lower costs, and superior safety, environmental and quality performance.

Reliability for Operational Excellence Ron’s emphasis is on helping individuals to make their company a lower-cost producer, by maximizing capacity & minimizing production and maintenance costs. He models how this is possible by taking a proven approach to reliability. The material presented challenges the traditional view that reliability is the maintenance department’s responsibility - real world class organisations don't operate that way! His common sense approach and support material is often quoted in successful SIRF Roundtable members case studies across Australia and New Zealand.

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Learning Objectives include:Ron Moore's Books

  • Reliability principles, the various maintenance practices available, their strengths and weaknesses, their relationship to reliability, and how application of reliability principles can improve capacity and cut costs.
  • How to apply those principles within your plant to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce planned downtime, improve quality and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Predictive technologies and methods for maximizing knowledge of machinery condition, and therefore minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime. How these technologies allow plants to become proactive in assuring equipment reliability.
  • Key reliability benchmarks, how you compare to those benchmarks and how you can achieve a benchmark level of performance.
  • Methods for improved organizations, communication, and teamwork for effectively implementing the strategy.
  • Metrics to be used to measure the effectiveness of the reliability strategy as implemented at their plant.
  • How your plant's actual production capacity measures against maximum capacity, those issues that are contributing to the difference and more importantly, how to address each issue which is limiting capacity through application of reliability principles
  • How your practices compare to reliability best practices and benchmarks, and an improvement plan of how to bring your world-class level.
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  Workshop Outline
-Reliability and Capacity Relationship
-Current Reliability (Maintenance) Practices
-Key Features in World Class Reliability Program
-Review of Technologies from a Management Perspective
-Organisational Strategy for Integration / Implementation of Reliability Practices
-Self Audit - Base Line for your operation
-Development of your continuous improvement plan

Who Should Attend:   Plant Managers, Production Managers, Operation Managers, Operations General Managers, Engineering Managers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
Date:   March 12th, 13th & 14th, 2018
Time:   Arrive at 8:00 for 8:30 am start, finishing at 16:30
Address:   IGA Nova mine site Western Australia
Dress:   Casual
Special Note:    

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