5Y/A3 problem solving - Kindly hosted by Asaleocare Springvale

5Y/A3 problem solving - Kindly hosted by Asaleocare Springvale

5Y/A3 (1 day) Public Workshop
A structured process for solving and escalating issues

Kindly hosted by:
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This one day workshop will open the door to a simple, intuitive, and effective method of problem solving, suitable for front line problem solvers to handle 80% of the repeating problems they face every day.

Having an effective problem solving method is essential in any business today, at individual, team and organizational levels.  It is required for safety incident evaluation, equipment breakdown, and continuous improvement projects.

Participants learn to solve routine issues using 5 WHYS and to communicate and collaborate as a team using A3. They will gain skills in looking at the problem clearly, identifying the basic causes, assessing the impact, understanding risk, finding quick-win workable solutions & incorporating changes into business processes.
The one day format allows time to work in small groups to practice and apply the skills that have been learned on real problems from the participant’s own work environment.

What participants learn:

  • How to properly define a problem without jumping to solutions
  • How to find root cause(s) with the 5-whys methodology
  • The three-way test to make sure that the causes are genuine
  • How to document a problem and the solutions using an A3
  • How to understand risk and cost/benefits of problem solution

Onsite Training Available

Who Should Attend:   Maintenance and operations personnel, team leaders, and supervisors
Dates:   27th Feb 2018
Time:   Arrive at 7:45 for a 8:00 am start, session finishes by 16:00
Address:   30 - 32 Westall Rd, Springvale
Investment:   Members $590, non-members $750
25% discount for 3 or more
Dress:   Casual
Special Note:   None

For Inquiries Contact:
RCA Support   rcart_enquiries@sirfrt.com.au
Jeff Naylor 0409 535 239 jeff.naylor@sirfrt.com.au


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