Ron Moore - 1 Day In-house at CSR Scoresby

Ron Moore - 1 Day In-house at CSR Scoresby

Ron Moore is developing CSR employees
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He could develop yours as part of his next trip to Australia
He will be available for in-house consultation and workshops, and there may be some open enrollment courses. Want to have him in-house or ensure he does a workshop near you? Contact your SIRF State Manager and let them know!

What sets Ron Moore apart? He'll tell you -

"I've got the data!"

Ron's workshops and executive coaching will deliver benefits to many areas of your company, including:
  • Deeper understanding of what real Operational Excellence is and its links to Reliability Principles
  • Building better leadership throughout the organisation
  • How do develop an operational excellence plan, prioritize efforts,  align your leadership to a common strategy, and engage your workforce in delivering your improvement plan
  • Understand how your organisation compares to WORLDS BEST PRACTICE and where you must focus improvement efforts

Ron Moore is a fantastic presenter and coach, and has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand exclusively with SIRF Roundtables for over twenty years. He is the managing partner of The RM Group, Inc. located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he travels worldwide working with fortune 500 companies. QuoteHe has written over 40 journal articles and is the author of many books (see below!). Ron previously served for five years as the President of CSI, a market leader in industrial instruments and software for condition monitoring. He served for eight years as chairman of the Industry Advisory Board at the University of Dayton's Center for Competitive Change. He holds a BSME, MSME, MBA, PE and CMRP.

"If you are going to do one thing this year to improve the performance of your manufacturing based business, attend a Ron Moore seminar." - Eion Turnbull, General Manager Caltex Refineries, Australia

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For Inquiries Contact the Manager for Your Region:

New Zealand Jeff Naylor
(+61) 409 535 239
South Australia Sean Lewis
0466 256 736
Victoria or Tasmania Alain LeBon
0439 612 620
  Brian Niven
0439 612 609 
Western Australia Kiernan Donnelly
0450 135 503


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