IMRt is made up of a community of companies, all of whom strive to deliver highly reliable plant at the lowest sustainable cost.

Companies invited to join the IMRt as members gain access to a variety of knowledge sharing activities to leverage from each other’s success. Members meet and share their collective knowledge and experience, as well as their passion to learn and improve.

Common Interest Workgroups Common
Site Tours Site
Roundtable Meetings Roundtable
National Forums National
International Specialist Workshops Australasian
International Specialist Workshops International

KMRt connects human potential across organisation

TAt IMRt events such as Roundtable meetings, Common Interest Work Groups, National Forums, International Specialist Workshops, excellence awards programs and site visits, you will tackle practical industry issues and create answers that you can take back to the shop floor.

One of the best things is that we have found a facilitator who could add value to the business rather than just train us.
— Wayne Good, Production Manager, Bradflo Albury

IMRt Focus

Who are IMRt members?

IMRt members are concerned with plant maintenance and reliability, and typically involve the following personnel:

Contact your local facilitator to find out how membership can accelerate your progress towards maintenance and reliability excellence.

Past IMRt topics include:

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