We seek out speakers that are leaders in their field and can share their breadth of eye-opening knowledge. Available spaces in our Specialist Workshops fill up quickly, so speak to our facilitators to reserve your seat.

SIRF Roundtables also provides Supplier Showcase, specially organised activities enabling expert suppliers to share insights to SIRF Rt members and the wider community.


International Specialist Workshops

SIRF Roundtables is committed to continually seeking out forerunners and innovators to bring to speak to you. SIRF's unique position and rich history motivates such luminaries to come readily and be a part of the highly energetic Roundtables experience. Our speakers are known for presenting a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to a wide range of audiences.


Verna AlleeVERNA ALLEE — President of Value Networks LLC, dba ValueNetworks.com™, leading provider of value network visualisation and analysis applications. Customers include Cisco, Boeing, SAP, eBay, Knoll, Kimberly-Clark, AgResearch (New Zealand), Mayo Clinic, and many others. A noted author and lecturer, Verna is the world expert and pioneer in value networks, intangibles, knowledge management and new business models.

ROBERT HAFEY — After 40 years of work experiences using Lean Thinking and Lean Tools to drive workplace safety improvement, Robert began to widely share his knowledge to positively impact workplace safety in continuously improving environments. A member of the national board of US Association for Manufacturing Excellence, he presented his expertise at SME, AME, PMA, Manufacturing Institute, Assembly Technology Expoes, MRO Today, Reliable Plant sponsored conferences, and many others.

Joel levittJOEL LEVITT — An international trainer and renowned author, Joel has trained more than 8,500 managers and supervisors from over 3,000 organisations in 20 countries. With decades of hands-on experience, Joel is an expert in all facets of maintenance management, including management skills, preventive maintenance, inventory control, CMMS design and system installation. A seasoned author of numerous books and articles.

Ron MooreRON MOORE — President of The RM Group, author, speaker and internationally recognised authority on Reliability and Manufacturing Strategies for over 30 years. Ron is an expert on improving reliability of manufacturing plants, increasing production capacity, reducing operating and maintenance costs. Author of the groundbreaking ‘Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence’, many other books and articles.

Great value! Ron talks from experience with our industry. Ron’s approach helps align maintenance & operations groups to improve asset utilisation for business.
— Glen Croft, GM Maintenance Support, Xstrata Copper

“Everyone wants a safe workplace, where they are confident and assured that the risk of injury is low and that they will go home daily with all limbs in place. Management, whilst wanting this too, also want and need to improve productivity, get Leaner and make work easier. Manufacturing’ survival in Australia depends on it. Bob Hafey’s thinking is clear and insightful, and in a coherent and persuasive manner he draws the loose ends together to show that the solution lies so easily within our reach. Viewing the organisation through safety lenses and making it easier, will also give the Lean outcomes, with high employee engagement. This training will challenge your thinking your leadership style and inspire you to “go to the Gemba”.
— Wayne Burton, Boral Bricks

This is one [Ron Moore's] of the best courses I have ever attended. Practical, challenging & immediately useful back at the mine. The team members who came along with me really got a lot out of it. I should have attended one of these 6 years ago!
— Craig McCamley, Manager Longwall Kestrel Mine, Rio Tinto Coal

National Specialist Workshops

In addition to International Specialist Workshops, SIRF Roundtables is committed to continually seeking out national experts to bring to speak to you. Please check our calendar to find nearest National Specialist Workshops.

Supplier Showcase

Services provided by consultants and suppliers are a key ingredient for industry.

Organisations inevitably need specialist assistance so it is important that there is a convenient way to learn about what services and the quality of service that might be available. The supplier showcase is intended to provide the opportunity for consultants and suppliers to provide to potential customers an insight into what is available. Participating suppliers commit to providing a workshop of half, one or two day duration that will convey useful knowledge or skills to people who wish to participate as students.

The emphasis is on conveying genuinely useful knowledge. Inevitably, of course, students will learn about the presenter’s credentials and the services that might be obtained from the supplier. The fee for the course is modest, making it easy for the participant to attend, and is intended to cover the production of workbooks and venue costs. The main benefit for the presenter is the opportunity to be known by potential customers for their genuine knowledge and expertise.

Please contact SIRF Roundtables if your organisation would like to participate, or you would like more information.

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