KMRt membership enables you to capitalise on the incredible potential of accumulated human knowledge in your organisation. This potential often slips under the radar of everyday routines.

The Knowledge Management Roundtable (KMRt) has members from across Australia and New Zealand. Its members enjoy the exclusivity of collaboration with many of Australasia’s top companies. Through expert facilitation and intensive learning members are able to recognise and develop their own strategic and competitive advantages.

Common Interest Workgroups Common
Site Tours Site
Roundtable Meetings Roundtable
National Forums National
International Specialist Workshops International

KMRt connects human potential across organisationThe roundtable creates a stimulating environment, presents fresh perspectives and allows time to think. Member events include: Roundtable Meetings, focused discussions (CIWGs), site visits, International Specialist Workshops with thought leaders from around the world, and more.

Sensational networking, lots of people that you can share your experiences with. The topics are always really interesting and very diverse. You wouldn’t come to a meeting and walk away with nothing, unless of course you were asleep.
— Kathy McLinden, Vic Health

KMRt Focus

Who are KMRt members?

Natural KMRt members are concerned with people’s roles, knowledge and information sharing inside their organisations, including: HR, Change and IT Managers, all levels of Strategy, Operations, KM/IM/CM Practitioners, Librarians, L&D Managers, Communication Managers and Continuous Improvement Managers.

Contact your local facilitator to find out how membership can accelerate your progress towards knowledge management excellence.

Past KMRt topics include:

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