Lean Rt  – Straining Programs and Tools for Continuous Improvement

Cluster Delivery — MSS40312 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.

The Lean Leader training program — an overview

Nationally Recognised TrainingThe LEAN Rt's Lean Leader Training Program has been designed to provide frontline leaders and specialist support staff with the skills and knowledge they need to sustainably implement Lean systems and practices.

This leadership development program is unique — its cluster delivery strengthens individual skills and knowledge, encourages the use of Lean systems and tools, develops group communication and resourcefullness. Trainees learn how to implement change and facilitate continuous improvement in the real business environment.

With ten full day training sessions spreading over 20 weeks, your participants will become Lean Champions who understand what they need to do to support the sustainable implementation of Lean Management in your business.

Participants will learn skill sets and tools they need to drive continuous improvement. When they have demonstrated those skills, they will graduate with the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices Qualification.

Unique benefits of the program

Delivery model

For which leadership roles?

The Lean Leader course is suitable for people in any leadership role responsible for supporting process improvement and change within an organisation. For example:

Participant feedback

Site visits re-enforce the message being delivered and provide a sound basis for realistic discussions on techniques that do and do not work for organisations.
— Belinda Pownall, Lean Leader Graduate and Technical Manager, Murray Goulburn

Have enjoyed how the course has been broken up with practical exercises and seeing how other businesses operate and share ideas.
— Mathew Kelm, Lean Leader Graduate and Maintenance Manager Amcor Cartons

I thought it was a great course with just the right balance of practical and theoretical, combined with site visits.
— Lester Gilmore. Lean Leader Graduate and Continuous Improvement Leader, HJ Heinz

Curriculum — an overview

Curriculum* detail**

Nationally Recognised Training

* This qualification is delivered in partnership with SELMAR Holdings Pty Ltd Provider number 121531. This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.
** Federal Funding may also be available. It is state funded fee, subject to change, so plese contact us for the latest updates and more info.

Introduction to Lean

Pre-Work — Self Assessments
Course Knowledge and mandatory language, literacy and Numeracy.


Implementing Competitive Systems and Practices
MSS403001A — Implement competitive systems and practices
MSS403011A — Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices, or MSS403006A — Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices in an office


Facilitate change
MSS403010A — Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices


5S and the Visual Workplace
MSS403040A — Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S, or
MSS403039A — Facilitate and improve 5S in an office.

Mini Business

Improve Cost Factors
MSS403030A — Improve cost factors in work practices.

Structured Problem Solving

Structured Problem Solving
MSAPMSUP390A — Use structured problem solving tools.

Quick Changeover

Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
MSAENV472B — Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Quick Changeover

Mistake Proof
MSS403051A — Mistake proof an operational process.
MSS403042A — Facilitate mistake proofing in an office.

Continuous Improvement

MSS403041A — Facilitate breakthrough improvements, or
MSS403043A — Facilitate breakthrough improvements in an office.

Standardise and Sustain

MSS403002A — Ensure process improvements are sustained.
MSS403044A — Facilitate continuous improvement through the use of standardised procedures and practices.

And many more ...

Make a Presentation
BSBCMM401A — Make a Presentation.

Pre-requisite qualifications

To embark on a Lean Leader training program, there are no special pre-requisite qualifications. Participants should be in a leadership role, or be an influencer who can take a leadership role in their Action Learning Projects.

Industry application and outcomes

Tangible outcomes

Outcomes of the LEAN Rt Training

Build a sustainable business improvement culture

Professional development for your people

Tangible, quantifiable business results

Nationally Recognised Training Certificate

Trainers: Chris Tinsley

The course trainer, Chris Tinsley, has 14 years global experience with Toyota Motor Company and 5 years as a consultant, Kaizen Specialist and trainer. Trainees will benefit from his deep understanding of the Toyota Way and practical experience of applying the principles in companies as diverse as logistics, rail, manufacturing and healthcare.

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