Lean Rt  – Straining Programs and Tools for Continuous Improvement

LEAN Rt is a unique training program and a Lean toolbox developed by observing the most successful companies and sharing best practice through SIRF Roundtables.

From manufacturing plants to offices, Australasian businesses today are facing many challenges. To continue to be viable, companies must find new ways to deliver higher quality, at lower cost while exceeding customer expectations. If you are thinking about strategies to achieve these objectives, then you are probably considering Lean. If you are not, you should be.

Having been newly appointed to a change management project role I found the learning from ‘Introduction to Lean’ gave me a fresh insight into systematic change for improvement. ... I have been inspired to go on to find out more.
— Heather Lonsdale, Business Improvement Project Officer, CS Energy

LEAN Rt’s world class approach includes both a top down and bottom up process. It engages managers, workforce, and improves processes. It is a long term strategy that can yield some quick wins if waste is pinpointed and removed, but the real gains come through fostering a culture that engages people in continuous improvement.

LEAN Rt is loved by Australasian businesses especially for its unique, hands on Action Learning Projects that not only illustrate theory, but prove how real improvements are done on site. We have delivered Lean training to some of Australia’s widely known companies, such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Boral, Visy, and others.


1. One or Two Day Workshops

Each workshop focuses on a different Lean topic. This training is ideal for organisations interested in Introduction to Lean, specific Lean tools, or Leadership topics such as Cascading Strategy through Visual Scoreboards.

2. Nationally Accredited Competitive Systems and Practices*

Two delivery options:

a) The Lean Leader training program. Certificate IV Competitive System and Practices is delivered over 10 training sessions and teaches how to implement a variety of Lean tools and strategies. The course develops the skills to lead in a Lean organisation. Action Learning Projects, simulations and site visits broaden hands-on skills. Each company can enrol 1-4 trainees. The company representative mix creates an environment of shared learning. Training sessions are delivered on site and include an exclusive site visit. [duration: 6 months]. Click here to read more ...

b) Lean Deployment program. Choice of Certificate III, IV, or diploma Competitive System and Practices. This is a fully customisable program that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Participants learn how to implement a variety of Lean tools and strategies through onsite implementation, coaching, and support. [duration: 10-18 months • course size: 15+ trainees]

(*) State and federal funding may be available. Please contact us for more information.

Outcomes of the LEAN Rt training

Outcomes of the LEAN Rt Training

Build a sustainable business improvement culture

Professional development for your people

Tangible, quantifiable business results

Nationally Recognised Training Certificate


Introduction to LeanIntro to Lean
Learn how Lean systems and practices can support people to improve health, safety, work environment, work quality and deliverables while reducing costs.

Significantly improve workplace safety and efficiency through a 5 step process. Achieve better communication and equipment reliability. Click here to read more ...

Mini BusinessMini Business
Visual workplace. Empower teams, improve leadership and increase daily accountability. Recognise team successes through Visual Scoreboards and Toolbox Talks.

Structured Problem SolvingStructured Problem Solving
Pinpoint and eliminate the root causes of problems. Familiarise yourself with data analysis, implementation of 5 WHYS, RCA Rt and Plan-Do-Check-Act methodologies.

Quick ChangeoverQuick Changeover
Reduce time spent on setups, cleans and routine maintenance to make your equipment more readily available. Results also include smaller lot sizes & shorter lead time.

Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement
Empower teams by providing them with the tools and time needed to establish an orderly approach to improvement. Tools include Kaizen Events and Improvement Planning Process.

Standardise and SustainStandardise and sustain
Maintain positive changes by lifting individual performance to a higher standard. The higher standard then becomes a baseline for your next planned improvement.

And many more ...And many more ...

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