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Begin your Lean implementation with a 5S workplace organisation program.

5S — an overview

5S is a structured housekeeping and workplace organisation program empowering teams to take practical actions to improve their work areas. It will lead to:

5S is a Japanese housekeeping and workplace organisation program which has become very popular with companies in the West. The 5S represents Japanese words which define the five stages of the program. These five Japanese words have been loosely translated into the following five English words.

Japanese In English
Seiri Sort Remove items not required for current production
Seiton Straighten Put order into the workplace
Seiso Shine Clean, paint and eliminate filth
Seiketsu Standardise Make best practice routine
Shitsuki Sustain The discipline to maintain standard

This program is not new, and not unique to the Japanese, though. Henry Ford, of the Ford Motor Company, had his own program called CANDO. CANDO stands for Clean, Arrange, Neaten, Discipline & Orderliness. 5S is often seen as the starting point for other improvement activities.

Learn how to sustainably implement 5S

5S5S is an employee-led approach to implement improvements to layout, organisation and visual management of the workplace. Many companies have tried to implement 5S but failed to correctly engage, standardise and establish a sustainable continuous improvement mindset around workplace organisation.

When developing a 5S workplace organisation program, LEAN Rt has gathered over 20 years of SIRF Roundtables experience inpromoting best practices in maintenance and operational excellence. We know what your people need to do to make your 5S program successful.

The program is built on this practical understanding and will deliver the skills to kick start your 5S in the right direction, providing the tools to sustain and improve it.

If you can't do the 5S, you cab forget the rest

They say, "If you can't do 5S, you can forget the rest." Learn why 5S is far more than a housekeeping initiative as we teach you step by step how to implement and sustain 5S. Properly implemented it is a powerful engagement and organisation tool.

Why implement 5S?

5S is people oriented

In one word, 5S is invaluable.

5S example, before and after

An example of 5S in place: many workplaces look like this before the 5S ...

... and this is how the same workplace looks after the 5S has been implemented, and sustained.

On-site implementation workshop

Our 5S workshop covers both the process of 5S and the practical application in the workplace. It sets the scene for ongoing improvements through establishing clear steps and visual order.

The workshop explores activities around each of the 5S steps. At the end of the workshop the participants will have an implementation plan for rolling out the program in their workplace. The workshop engages everyone rolling their sleeves up and making a start in a pilot area of the site.

5S is a great starting point for any improvement journey because it engages people in following a structured way to improve the organisation of the workplace. Everybody has an opinion on how the workplace should operate and this is their opportunity to contribute. If the work team helps to build the new workplace they will be far more likely to support and sustain the changes.

Who should participate?

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