We keep our finger on the pulse of hot topics and emerging trends and tailor each National Forum to explore and examine them in depth.

Best of the best

National Forums are an opportunity for you to come and benefit from the “Best of the Best". SIRF Roundtables National Forums connect you with a network of peers to share and learn from others facing the same challenges as you. You’ll find out what your peers are doing, what the new trends there are in the industry, and where there’s room for improvement.

National Forums logosEMS NFElectrical Maintenance & Safety,
Condition Monitoring & Lubrication,
F — Operational Excellence and Accelerating Culture Change,
are some of the hot topics encompassed in National Forums.
AMEA winners

Great range of speakers, practical and relevant case studies.
— Peter Horsborugh, Reliability Engineer, Tarong Energy

It was a good couple of days with lots of info and industry contacts.
— EMS National Forums participant

Many thanks again for the exceptional efforts by all with this event.
Once again, very much enjoyed the event and am looking forward to
next year.
— National Forums participant

When attending all our National Forums, you will enjoy: Roundtable focus groups • Keynote presentations • Case studies • Post conference workshops and training • Numerous exhibitor / trade booths and displays • Networking drinks • Dinner and live entertainment • And much more.


If you’re looking to meet people who can help you answer questions about your industry, there’s no better place to do so than at a National Forum. Our forums gather industry professionals from across Australasia who share common questions, concerns and challenges. The National Forums are your chance to get together and find solutions together.

Inspiration (and recharging your batteries)

We select keynote speakers that are leading edge innovators in their field. Their talks are designed to inspire and present fresh perspectives helping you to think about things differently.

Knowledge sharing

National Forums are the ideal place to share wisdom and knowledge. Breakout sessions are facilitated by industry experts in order to create interaction and dynamic discussion with your peers. Most importantly, National Forums are accelerators that empower you to influence change and innovation across industry, not just in your own company.

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