OERt’s primary focus is to help its members develop and implement best practice safely, with high-quality, high speed delivery at low cost.

Member companies achieve this goal by learning how to create an organisational and leadership culture that sustains continuous improvement. Members also learn how to quantify and “sell” the business benefits of operational excellence to all stakeholders (in their company).

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KMRt connects human potential across organisation

The roundtable provides members with the opportunity to compare best practice to improve operations at all levels. This is achieved through a wide range of activities including: local and international networking, roundtable meetings, Common Interest Work Groups, National Forums, benchmarking, training workshops and excellence awards programs.

The improvements we have gotten out of the toolbox meetings are paying tenfold. Our numbers are getting better each month and our overtime is going down.
— Tony Melican, Plant Manager, Boral Clay and Concrete

OERt Focus

Members learn about the best tools and techniques for achieving operational excellence to accelerate their progress, and to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Who are OERt members?

OERt members include::

Contact your local facilitator to find out how membership can accelerate your progress towards operational excellence.

Past OERt topics include:

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