Eligible for member discounts?

As a general rule you are eligible for a discount, sometimes up to 50% on SIRF Rt events, if you are an employee of a member company in the region where you work.

Check with your facilitator if the following computer check does not align with your expectation.

Select the region where your office or site is located and click enter.

Note that international participants from outside of the above regions are most welcome as both Roundtable members and as event participants.

Currently there are Roundtable members in both Indonesia and New Guinea and in the past there have been participants at events from as close as New Caledonia to as far as the UAE, India, Thailand, China and the United States. International members, outside of Australia and New Zealand, are able to take membership in whichever Roundtable network meets their needs, and enjoy full Roundtable priveleges in that network, and also enjoy discount privileges throughout the networks.